Changing your life.

No one said making changes to your life is easy. In fact it is very hard. Especially when you have so much responsibility. You can preach to anyone about how they need to do this and need to do that to make a change, but the courage has to come from inside that person. Everyone … More Changing your life.

Why fear?

Fear of intimacy, fear of commitment, fear of getting hurt. They all fall under the same category. Why do we give into it though? Fear of having our hearts broken, fear of being cheated on, fear of not being good enough. Why do we put so much emphasis on the word fear? why do we … More Why fear?

What is Love?

What is the meaning of ‘Love’? Everyone has their own definition of what they would describe as love. Here is what I see love as… Love is, listening to your partner when things get tough, and sticking around when life gets a little too much.Β  Love is, respecting your partner whether they are around or … More What is Love?

Let Light In.

It’s hard to let the light in when being in the dark is all you have ever known. How do you let in it in? Do you keep fighting and pushing everyone away so that you don’t get hurt again, or do you give in, drop all your hurt on the floor and walk towards … More Let Light In.

The Dark Cloud.

Some days are better than others. Some days I want to curl up in a ball, sit in the dark and go to sleep. Other days I am full of gratitude and happiness. Other times I am blank, numb and would rather sit in complete silence alone than communicate with anyone. This dark cloud that … More The Dark Cloud.


Relapse. A scary word that crosses my mind every time I feel a bit sad or low. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes whether you are having an off day or if you are slowly sinking back into that dark place. I feel I have such a fear of relapsing, incase I lose people, … More Relapse.


I don’t like talking about my mental health issues, I feel the more I talk about it and focus on it, then I will not be able to move forward and live my life happily. However, I suppose sometimes people need to understand what you are going through, whether you have a full-time job, smiling … More Acceptance.