The older I get the more I am understanding about myself, and sometimes I question whether that is a good thing or not. Some days are harder than others, and when I have a really good day I try to treasure it in the moment and stop questioning why I feel happy. I recently just … More PTSD

Take Care of You.

It’s funny how when things fall apart, things really do start to come together. In the midst of being unhappy in a suppressing job, trying to find a new job, keep my head above water with money and bills to pay and family issues. I felt like my whole life was unraveling and everything was … More Take Care of You.

Life and soul.

They say that thing get worse before they can get better. Yesterday was a realisation for me. I realised that my confident, happy, hyper self had gotten lost somewhere. And I miss her very much. It baffles me that a job can drain so much out of you. But when you are spending days, months … More Life and soul.

Changing your life.

No one said making changes to your life is easy. In fact it is very hard. Especially when you have so much responsibility. You can preach to anyone about how they need to do this and need to do that to make a change, but the courage has to come from inside that person. Everyone … More Changing your life.

Why fear?

Fear of intimacy, fear of commitment, fear of getting hurt. They all fall under the same category. Why do we give into it though? Fear of having our hearts broken, fear of being cheated on, fear of not being good enough. Why do we put so much emphasis on the word fear? why do we … More Why fear?